H. Briner AG

      Frenkendörferstrasse 27

       CH - 4410 Liestal  

       T    +41 (0) 61 926 90 80 

       F    +41 (0) 61 926 90 88

       E     info@briner-ag.ch

            Ein Unternehmen der Swiss Precision Partners AG 




           Peter Eckerlin & Peter Hess

           H. Briner AG 

           Frenkendörferstrasse 27 

           CH-4410 Liestal

            Photos - Benjamin Finn Eckerlin 









Since more than 50 years, H. Briner AG develops and produces weld on hinges. Continuous development and modern manufacturing technologies and quality control procedures guarantee the constant high quality standards of our products. We keep all our standard catalogue items in sufficient quantities in stock to ensure delivery within 24 hours to our customers. Besides our standard catalogue products we are also specialized in development and manufacturing of special design weld on hinges according to the requirements and specifications of our customers.